What is an Encodian action?

When you sign-up for an Encodian trial subscription you will receive an 'API Key' for use with the Encodian Power Automate Connector, and you will receive an email containing credentials to manage your subscription via our portal.

Trial Subscription

A trial subscription is active for 30 days and permits 500 actions, upon expiration your trial subscription is automatically moved to our 'Free' subscription plan unless you have purchased a paid subscription. The 'Free' subscription plan permits 50 actions per month.

Actions can be used with both the:

The latest pricing information is available at https://www.encodian.com/pricing

What is an action?

An action is simply a single use of an Encodian action in Power Automate or a conversion action using the 'PDF Converter for SharePoint Online' application.

Encodian for Power Automate actions

The following basic example shows a flow instance using a single Encodian 'Convert to HTML to PDF' action:


This flow has used: 1 Encodian action

The following example shows a flow instance using two Encodian actions:


This flow has used: 2 Encodian actions

This flow uses two Encodian actions, with the 'Add Text Watermark' action contained within an 'Apply to each' loop. The 'Add Text Watermark' is called for every item within the array which will be processed by the 'Apply to each' loop


This flow has used the following Encodian actions:

Split PDF used once = 1 Encodian action

'Add Text Watermark' used 7 times = 7 Encodian actions

Total: 8 Encodian actions

PDF Converter for SharePoint Online actions

When you select and convert a document to PDF format using the 'PDF Converter for SharePoint' online application it is counted as one Encodian action.

This example shows a single document selected for conversion to PDF:


This conversion will consume: 1 Encodian action

This example shows two documents have been selected for conversion to PDF:


This conversion will consume: 2 Encodian actions

This example shows two documents which have been selected for conversion and merged into a single document:


This conversion will consume the following Encodian actions:

Convert two documents to PDF = 2 Encodian actions

Merge documents to PDF = 1 Encodian action

Total: 3 Encodian actions

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are Encodian actions per user?

No, the actions are available to your entire organization regardless of the number of users, locations, etc.

2. Are Encodian actions counted per flow instance?

No, Encodian actions are counted for every time you use an Encodian action. A single Flow could use more than one Encodian action multiple times.

If you need further clarity please submit a request to our support team.


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