Purchasing or Upgrading an Encodian Subscription

An Encodian subscription licenses you for both of the following products:

  • Encodian Flowr - Power Automate Connector
  • Encodian Vertr - PDF Converter App for SharePoint Online

Pricing information can be located on our website: https://www.encodian.com/pricing

We provide two approaches for purchasing or upgrading an Encodian subscription:

  1. Via the Account Portal using a credit card
  2. Via a Quote / Purchase Order / Invoice Process

To process via purchase order please email sales@encodian.com to request a formal quotation, providing the following information:

  • Organisation Name
  • Organisation Address
  • Billing Contact
  • Encodian Subscription Level
  • Currency (USD / GBP / EUR)
  • VAT Information (If relevant)
  • Email Address associated with your existing Encodian subscription

The team will provide a formal quotation and assist with the procurement process.

Additional Information

  • Upgrade prices/quotations will be pro-rated for the remainder of the term of the existing subscription.
  • Monthly subscriptions must be purchased via the Account Portal using a credit card.
  • Additional actions can be purchased via a purchase order but are subject to a minimum order value of 4000 actions; for lower values please purchase through the Account Portal using a credit card.
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