The Encodian population engine supports dynamic hyperlink generation.

Insert a Hyperlink

Example Document: Encodian - Template Syntax - Links.docx

Example JSON Data:

"companyName": "Encodian",
"linkUrl": "https://www.encodian.com",
"linkDisplay": "Encodian Website"

The link token requires two parameters, the URL and display text, see below:



This generates the following output:


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    Kurt Kamletz

    Thanks for your instructions, total life saver yesterday!


    Follow-up question. 

    The instruction above shows how to create a Hyperlink by passing in the URL and display text.

    Is there a way to pass in only the URL when the display text is static and already defined in the document?

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    Roy Simmons

    Hello Kurt,

    From what I tested you would use a combination with a Variable syntax to apply a static text with the URL and then you can simply pass the url in the json.
    The example below shows how it works and the result.

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