Multiple API Key Management

You can generate additional API keys for your account from the Encodian account portal:

Add additional API keys

Click on "Add API Key":

The additional API key is added:

Update existing API key

Press the refresh icon to update an existing API key to a new value.

IMPORTANT: Once a new API Key has been generated, your connector will fail to authenticate until you have updated your Encodian connection to use the new API Key. This will affect all Power Automate flows using both Encodian Flowr, Vertr and Trigr

Once you have updated the API key in the portal, please follow the steps outlined in Update an existing API Key for Flowr to renew your connections with the new API key in Power Automate.

Rename / Disable / Delete API existing keys

You can provide a description / name to each API key for ease of identification:

You can disable individual keys:

You can delete existing keys:

Reporting on usage by API key:

Please navigate to the "Usage & Reports" section in the Encodian portal:

The API key column identifies which API key is consuming the credit on the account. You can download up to 90 days of historical usage and parse the data for internal reporting / attribution.



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