Utility - Validate URL Availability


The 'Utility - Validate URL Availability' action for Power Automate checks whether the URL provided is available.

Credit Count

This is a Utility action and therefore consumes only 0.05 credits per operation (except 1 credit on the free plan). For example, 100 operations will consume 5 credits on a trial and all paid plans.

Default Parameters

The default 'Utility - Validate URL Availability' flow action parameters are detailed below:

  • URL: The URL to verify, please include https:// or http:// in your request

Advanced Parameters

The advanced 'Utility - Validate URL Availability' Power Automate action parameters are detailed below:

  • Validate URL: Set whether the 'URL' provided should be validated prior to checking availability

When setting the 'Validate URL' option to 'Yes', a 'Bad Request' error is thrown when an invalid URL is detected:

When setting the 'Validate URL' option to 'No', URL validation is not performed and the result would simply state that the URL is not available.

Return Parameters

Action Specific Return Values

  • Result - A boolean value indicating whether the URL is available

Standard Return Values

  • OperationId - The unique ID assigned to this operation.
  • HttpStatusCode - The HTTP Status code for the response.
  • HttpStatusMessage - The HTTP Status message for the response.
  • Errors - An array of error messages should an error occur.
  • Operation Status - Indicates whether the operation has been completed, has been queued or has failed.
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