Get Image Information


The 'Get Image Information' collects and returns detailed information about the supplied PDF document, covering contained pages, created and modified dates, title, PDF/A compliance + more.

Default Parameters

The default 'Get Image Information' flow action parameters are detailed below:

  • File Content: A Base64 encoded representation of the document


Return Parameters

The 'Get Image Information' flow action returns the following data. 

Action Specific Return Values

  • Image Format - The file format of the image
  • File Size (MBs) - The size of the supplied image in MBs
  • Width - The width of the image (Pixels)
  • Height - The height of the image (Pixels)
  • Orientation - The orientation of the image
  • Bits per Pixel - The image bits per pixel count
  • Horizontal Resolution - The horizontal image resolution (DPI)
  • Vertical Resolution - The vertical image resolution (DPI)
  • Has EXIF Data - Confirms whether the image contains EXIF Data
  • EXIF Data (JSON) - Image EXIF Data provided as a JSON string
  • Has XMP Data - Confirms whether the image contains XMP Data

Standard Return Values

  • Filename - The filename provided
  • FileContent - A base64 string representation of the archive (.zip) file
  • OperationId - The unique ID assigned to this operation
  • HttpStatusCode - The HTTP Status code for the response
  • HttpStatusMessage - The HTTP Status message for the response
  • Errors - An array of error messages should an error occur
  • Operation Status - Indicates whether the operation has been completed, has been queued or has failed


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