Compress PDF


The 'Compress PDF' action applies compression to the PDF document provided. The advanced options provide the ability to customise which configurations should be applied to optimise and compress the PDF document.

Default Options

The default 'Compress PDF' flow action parameters are detailed below:

  • File Content: A Base64 encoded representation of the PDF file to be processed.

Please refer to the Obtaining the 'File Contents' Parameter article for guidance on how to obtain the 'File Content' parameter ready to provide to an Encodian flow action.

Advanced Options

The advanced 'Compress PDF' flow action parameters are detailed below:

  • Compress Images: Contained images will be compressed and aligned to the value of the 'Image Quality' property.
  • Image Quality: Sets the quality for compressed images: 1 > 100
  • Max Resolution: Specifies the maximum resolution of images (dpi), if the image has a higher resolution it will be scaled dynamically.
  • Resize Images: If 'Compress Images' and 'Resize Images' are enabled, images will be resized where the image resolution is greater than the specified 'Max Resolution' property.
  • Remove Private Info: Remove private information from the PDF document, i.e. page piece information.
  • Remove Unused Objects: Remove all unused objects (i.e. objects which do not have a reference) are removed from the PDF document.
  • Remove Unused Streams: Remove all unused resources from the PDF document.
  • Link Duplicate Streams: Link duplicate streams and store them as a single object. This can decrease document size in some cases (for example, where the same document was merged multiple times).
  • Allow Reuse Page Content: Page contents will be reused when the PDF document is optimized for equal pages.
  • Unembed Fonts: Remove all embedded fonts. The document size will decrease but the document may become unreadable if the correct font is not installed on the user's machine.
  • Flatten Annotations: Flatten all annotations contained within the PDF document.
  • Delete Annotations: Delete all annotations contained within the PDF document.
  • Flatten Fields: Flatten all fields contained within the PDF document.

Return Parameters

The 'Compress PDF' flow action returns the following data. 

Action Specific Return Values

  • File Content - The compressed PDF document (Base64)

Standard Return Values

  • OperationId - The unique ID assigned to this operation.
  • HttpStatusCode - The HTTP Status code for the response.
  • HttpStatusMessage - The HTTP Status message for the response.
  • Errors - An array of error messages should an error occur.
  • Operation Status - Indicates whether the operation has been completed, has been queued or has failed.


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