Create an Encodian Connection in Power Automate

Creating a connector within Power Automate to utilise the 'Flowr' Power Automate connector is a very simple process.

Get an Encodian Flowr API Key

To utilise the 'Flowr' Power Automate connector you will require an 'API Key'.

If you have an existing Encodian subscription you can access your API Key from the account portal:

If you do not yet have an Encodian subscription please sign up for trial via our website: Sign up for a Flowr Trial

Create an Encodian Flowr Connection - Video Guide

Please either watch the following instructional video or follow the 'Connection Setup' steps within this article

Create an Encodian Flowr Connection - Step by Step

Please follow these simple steps to create a new flow:

1. Go to Power Automate -

2. Either edit an existing or create a new Flow

3. Add a new action to the flow, enter 'Encodian' within the action search box to locate the 'Encodian Flowr' connector. Click 'See more' to view a complete list of all available Flowr actions.

4. Select the required action. This will prompt you to create a new connection.

4.a. Enter a 'Connection Name'

4.b. Enter your Encodian Flowr 'API Key'

4.c. Select a preferred data processing region, we recommend 'Nearest (Fastest)' unless you have a specific data residency requirement. 

4.d. Click 'Create New'

6. Your connection is now set up!

Further Guidance

Please refer to the following articles for guidance on how to use each of the Encodian actions:

If you have a question please either submit a request here or email

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