Create a dedicated Custom Connector

The 'Encodian Document Manager for Flow' connector is currently under evaluation by Microsoft and should be available as a standard connector late October / early November.

In the meantime, you can create a Flow 'Custom Connector' to access the capabilities provided by the 'Encodian Document Manager for Flow' connector by following these steps: 

1. Browse and login to Flow: https:/

2. Click the cog icon > click 'Custom Connectors'


3. Click 'Create custom connector', click 'Import an OpenAPI from URL'


4. Enter a descriptive name in the 'Custom Connector name' field, and add the following Open API Url:


5. Click the blue icon, click 'Continue'


6. Optional: Upload the connector icon (Encodian-Connector-Icon.jpg) attached to this article. Set the Icon background color to: '#3FA9F6'


7. Click 'Create Connector'


8. Click 'Close'


9. Click 'My Flows', Click 'Create from blank'


10. Click 'Create from blank'

11. Within your Flow workflow add the required trigger, the following example uses a simple 'Recurrence' trigger. Click the 'New Step' icon to locate the Encodian Flow actions provided by your new custom connector


12. Enter the name of your custom connector (provided in step 4) within the search field.


13. Select the required Encodian Flow action. You will now be prompted to create a connection to authenticate to the Encodian API endpoint, enter a connection name within the 'Connection Name' field and your Encodian API Key within the 'API Key' field.

If you do not know your Encodian API Key value please email 

Click 'Create'


14. Configure the Encodian Flow action(s) as required, click 'Save'


15. Click 'Test', following the proceeding steps to run the flow.


16. Your flow action should have successfully executed, your custom connector using 'Encodian's Document Management for Flow' API is now up and running! 


Please note: We would strongly advise you to migrate any Flows created now to utilise the Encodian Document Flow Connector from the marketplace once it becomes available.


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