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The 'Convert PDF to PDF/A' flow action converts the PDF file provided into a PDF/A compliant document aligned to the configuration options provided.

To find out more about the PDF/A document format please review the following Wikipedia article: PDF/A File Format

Default Parameters

The default 'Convert PDF to PDF/A' flow action parameters are detailed below:

  • Filename: The PDF filename (including file extension).
  • File Content: A Base64 encoded representation of the PDF file to be processed.
  • PDF/A Compliance Level: Sets the required level of PDF/A compliance.

Please refer to the Obtaining the 'File Contents' Parameter article for guidance on how to obtain the 'File Content' parameter ready to provide to an Encodian flow action. 

The 'PDF/A compliance level' parameter can be set to the following values:

  • PDF_A_1A
  • PDF_A_1B
  • PDF_A_2A
  • PDF_A_3A
  • PDF_A_2B
  • PDF_A_2U
  • PDF_A_3B
  • PDF_A_3U
  • v_1_3
  • v_1_4
  • v_1_5
  • v_1_6
  • v_1_7
  • PDF_X_1A 
  • PDF_X_3

Advanced Parameters

The advanced 'Convert PDF to PDF/A' flow action parameters are detailed below:

Please refer to the Flow Action Return Options: File Content vs. Operation ID article for further details on the 'Return File' parameter.

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