Data Security and Data Privacy

Many of our customers need to understand more about how we handle your data. This high level synopsis covers the typical questions posed to our operational teams on a daily basis. This article is not intended to answer all low level queries and we encourage you to continue to raise detailed queries with our operational teams by raising a request.

Do Encodian store your data?

Encodian do not store any of your data beyond processing. Once your request has been processed any document, information provided (HTML Data for example) or information extracted is instantly and permanently deleted. Our API's are stateless, we do not store a copy of the request sent provided or retain your data payload, we do store information pertaining to the type of request made for usage reporting and tracking purposes.

You can learn more in the Data Processing Agreement

Can Encodian staff access my data?

Encodian staff can not access your data sent for processing. If you raise a support request, our operational teams may ask you (where required) to provide sample documents and the configuration of your API / Power Automate request so that we are able to investigate.

Is your data encrypted?

Yes, your data is encrypted both in transit and at rest. Encodian services utilise 256-bit AES encryption for transient data storage encryption and SHA-256 with RSA Encryption SSL certificates for all API services. All our API services use TLS1.2 as a minimum and enforce the HTTPS protocol.

How and where is your data processed?

Your data will be processed in your nearest Azure data center where Encodian maintain a presence. We currently operate from the US, Canada, Australia and UK data centers as standard and utilise Azure front door for request management and distribution. Please note your requests could be processed in any data center.

If you purchase an 'Enterprise' subscription you can specify an Azure geographic region where you wish for your data to be processed.

Encodian use solely Microsoft Azure 'PaaS' services, therefor your data will never leave a Microsoft data center nor will it be processed by an un-managed virtual machine. Utilizing Microsoft Azure 'PaaS' services allows Encodian to make full use of all native Microsoft Azure security features.

How do Encodian assure data privacy / segregation?

Data privacy and trust is our key priority and is taken very seriously. As denoted within other sections of this article; our API's and services utilise multiple layers of Microsoft Azure security features to protect your data in transit and at rest and even Encodian staff are unable to access the data that you provide for processing.

We recognize that shared cloud services (however secure) are not appropriate for all customers, and we recommend our 'Dedicated' subscription for highly sensitive or regulated workloads . The dedicated subscription allows you to deploy the Encodian connector / API / Services into your own Azure subscription or data center, thus your data is processed within your own infrastructure assuring data segregation and alleviating any data privacy / security concerns.

You can learn more in the Data Processing Agreement

Will you share your architecture diagram and details IP / Port config?

We do not share detailed information regarding the architecture and hosting of our API / Services. If you have an explicit query please submit a request to our operational teams who will be able to help.


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