Available Actions Exceeded

Encodian subscriptions provide a maximum level of credits per month. If your credits are fully used your credits will fail authentication, thus your flow will fail, for example:

"The total monthly actions limit permitted by your current subscription level has been exceeded"

The detailed error message is contained within the body of the response:

To resolve this issue there are two options that can be completed within the account portal

Buy additional credits:

We provide two ways to purchase additional credits.

Firstly, You can purchase additional credits via the account portal using a credit card. Additional credits can be purchased in multiples of 250. 


Secondly, you can purchase credits (minimum 4,000 credits) via sales@encodian.com via PO/invoice. Invoices can be paid via bank transfer or credit card.

NB: credits purchased via sales@encodian.com are priced at the same per credit cost as your subscription. Currently, the pricing in the portal is higher than this and we are soon releasing an update so that the per credit pricing in the portal matches your subscription.

Additional credits are valid for 1 year from the date of purchase and are only used when the monthly credit allowance has been fully depleted.

Upgrade your subscription:


Please review the Subscription Levels page for detailed information on each subscription level.

When you reach 70% utilisation an automated warning email will be sent to the subscription manager, however, we recommend you configure a monitoring flow to monitor account usage.

When does the monthly credit allocation reset?

Your monthly allocation of credit renews on the 1st day of every month.

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