Fix Error: 'Output Format' is required

The following Encodian actions utilise a dynamic schema, whereby the options presented to the user within Power Automate are conditional based on a parent setting, for example the 'Output Format' of the file:

  • Convert CAD
  • Convert Excel
  • Convert PowerPoint
  • Convert Visio
  • Convert Word
  • Create Barcode
  • Crop Image
  • Sign PDF

Power Automate: 'Output Format' is required 

You may experience the following error when trying to save your existing Power Automate flow:

This is not an issue with the Encodian action, but a corruption within the Power Automate flow definition which affects all Power Automate actions which use dynamic schemas, we suggest the following resolutions:

  1. Delete the Encodian action, save and close the Flow. Re-open the flow and re-add the Encodian action.
  2. Create a new flow, add the Encodian action, copy it to your clipboard and re-add the action to your original flow

  3. Re-create the flow


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