New Power Automate Designer Issues

Microsoft made the new UI for Power Automate generally available in November 2023. However, the new designer is still in beta and has many bugs as evidenced by posts on the Power Automate community forums. Some of these bugs can effect Encodian actions too.

One such bug usually occurs when working with file content from SharePoint as the dynamic file content is not passed to the Encodian action correctly.


The code view of the Encodian action in the run history illustrates the input. As you can see, a base64() function is automatically added which corrupts the data:

The solution is to switch to the old designer using the toggle at the top right of the Power Automate window:

Then re-insert the dynamic content in the Encodian action and save.

Re-running the flow and looking at the input in the code view of the run history, we can see the file content is now passed through correctly:


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