Utility - Validate JSON



The 'Validate JSON' utility action for Power Automate validates the JSON data provided, optionally against the JSON schema provided.

To generate a JSON schema please visit - https://codebeautify.org/json-to-json-schema-generator

Credit Count

This is a Utility action and therefore consumes only 0.05 credits per operation (except 1 credit on the free plan). For example, 100 operations will consume 5 credits on a trial and all paid plans.


The default 'Validate JSON' utility action parameters are detailed below:

  • JSON: The JSON data to validate
  • Schema: Optional - A JSON schema to apply to the validation

Return Parameters

Action Specific Return Values

  • Result -  A boolean value indicating whether the JSON data is valid

Standard Return Values

  • OperationId - The unique ID assigned to this operation.
  • HttpStatusCode - The HTTP Status code for the response.
  • HttpStatusMessage - The HTTP Status message for the response.
  • Errors - An array of error messages.
  • Operation Status - Indicates whether the operation has been completed, has been queued or has failed.


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