Inserting HTML

The Encodian population engine enables HTML to be inserted directly into a slide by using an expression format property.

Expression Format

To insert HTML data directly into a slide the HTML switch should be added to the token:

<<[token] -html>>

If the HTML switch is not present, the result of the expression is written to the slide as plain text. Text formatting is derived from the first character of the corresponding token in this case.

If the HTML switch is present, the expression result is inserted into the slide as an HTML block.

Example - Insert HTML

Example File: Encodian - Template Syntax - HTML.pptx

Example JSON Data:

"companyName": "Encodian",
"formedOn": "17/06/2008",
"overview": "We are <b>experts</b> in information, document and records management, we specialise in delivering business solutions for our customers utilising <i>Microsoft 365</i> and supporting Microsoft cloud technology."

Configure the required token by adding the HTML switch:

<<[overview] -html>>

This generates the following output:

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