The Encodian population engine supports checking of checkbox content controls.

Document Preparation

Example Document: Encodian - Template Syntax - Checkbox.docx

Example JSON Data:

"checkbox": true

Note: To work with content controls in template documents using Microsoft Word, you may need to Show the Developer tab on the ribbon.

Follow these steps to configure the checkbox control:

  1. Add a checkbox content control to your template.
  2. Navigate to the Properties of the content control.
  3. Add a <<check>> tag to the title of the checkbox content control using the following syntax
<<check [conditional_expression]>>

Here, conditional expressions defines a condition upon which the value of the checkbox content control is to be set (checked = true or unchecked = false). The conditional expression must return a Boolean value.

Refer to: Conditional Expressions

While Populating the Word document, the Encodian engine will evaluate any expression declared within a check tag and set the value of the containing checkbox content control accordingly. The check tag itself is then removed.


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