Manage the Global Configuration

Options presented to a user within the Encodian Vertr user interface (UI) can be managed through the Encodian Account Portal allowing most elements of the UI to be enabled / disabled or default values amended.

The 'Global Configuration' is applied to all SharePoint sites unless a 'Site Specific' configuration has been added. Please review 'Manage a Site Specific Configuration' to create / manage a 'Site Specific' configuration.

Follow these steps to configure the 'Global Configuration'.

Update the Global Configuration

1. Login to the Encodian Account Portal using the credentials provided when you created your Encodian subscription.

2. Navigate to 'Vertr' > 'Configuration & Deployment'

3. The 'Global Configuration' UI is split up into two sections; the 'Default Configuration Values' set the default values for each configuration option, whilst the 'User Interface Configuration Options' set whether the options appear within the UI for the user to control. For example, if you wanted to ensure files created by Encodian Vertr always overwrote existing files with the same name and you wanted to remove the ability for the user to change this from within the UI, you would configure the options as follows:

4. Update the settings as required within the 'Global Configuration' section and click 'Save'

Configuration Options Reference

Standard Options

Overwrite File Sets whether files with the same name are overwritten or a new filename is auto-generated for the file added by Encodian Vertr.
Copy Metadata Sets whether SharePoint metadata column values and the SharePoint 'Content Type' should be copied to the file added by Encodian Vertr. Note: in some circumstances elevated rights to the SharePoint site / library may be required, for example the ability for the current user to add content types to the current library.
PDF/A Compliant When converting to PDF, sets the PDF to be generated as a PDF/A conforming to the PDF/A compliance version setting (see below).
Remove Markup When converting to PDF, removes comments and tracked changes before generating the PDF document.
Copy Permissions Sets whether SharePoint permissions applied to the source file should be copied to the file added by Encodian Vertr. Note: in some circumstances elevated rights to the SharePoint site / library may be required.
Force OCR When processing a PDF document, sets whether OCR should be applied to the PDF document forcefully, i.e. if a text layer exists then re-generate the text layer.


Watermark Options

Default Text Sets the default watermark text value
Font Sets the font used for the text watermark. The font will default to 'Arial' if a font name which is not part of the Windows 10 default fonts list is provided.
Font Color Sets the watermark font color as a HEX color code.
Font Size Sets the watermark text size (PT, numeric).


PDF Options

Admin Password The admin password is applied to every PDF document secured. The user-supplied password is document specific, the admin password is applied to all PDF documents by default and can be used to open and edit secured documents.
PDF/A Compliance Version Set the PDF/A compliance version.


Other Options

Culture Sets the culture used to process the documents. Please refer to Culture Names for a complete list of cultures supported.


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