Retrieve your Office 365 Tenant ID

To request a trial for our one of our Office 365 products you will need to provide us with your Office 365 tenant ID to enable us to correctly register your request. 

Your Office 365 tenant ID is a globally unique identifier (GUID), it is different to your tenant name or domain. Obtaining your Office 365 tenant ID is pretty easy, choose one of the following procedures.

Use the Azure AD portal

Office 365 uses Azure AD to manage user accounts.

You can find your tenant ID in the Azure AD portal. You'll need to be an Azure AD administrator.

  1. Log in to Microsoft Azure ( as an administrator.

  2. In the Microsoft Azure portal, click Azure Active Directory.

  3. Under Manage, click Properties. The tenant ID is shown in the Directory ID box.

Use Windows PowerShell

You can use Windows PowerShell to find the tenant ID. You'll need the Microsoft Azure PowerShell module.

  1. Open a Microsoft Azure PowerShell command window

  2. Enter the following command: Login-AzureRmAccount

  3. Enter your Office 365 credentials when prompted.

Your tenant ID is listed in the output.

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