Application Installation

The 'PDF Converter for SharePoint Online' application was deprecated 1st January 2023 and will be decommissioned 1st October 2023.
Please migrate to Encodian Vertr prior to this date.

The following short video details the steps required to install the Encodian PDF Converter for the SharePoint Online application from the 'SharePoint Store'.

To summarise; You simply need to add the Encodian Application to your site from the SharePoint store. We will automatically create a 30-day trial subscription for your tenant (if you do not already have a subscription) and the application installation process will automatically configure the SharePoint web ready for document conversion operations. 

Please review the video for further detailed information. 

If you require access to the application package to manually add to your SharePoint Online tenants or site collection app catalogue, please either submit a ticket or email our support team.

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