Adding Text Watermark Data

Text watermarks can be configured to include data placeholders which are dynamically replaced during watermark creation and assignment.

Example: 'Draft - [Now]' becomes 'Draft - 2018-03-31 15:43'

Both single document and merge conversion operations support the following data placeholders:

  • 'Draft - [Now]' becomes 'Draft - 2018-03-31 15:43'
  • 'Draft - [Today]' becomes 'Draft - 2018-03-31'

Single document conversion operations also support basic SharePoint metadata data placeholders:

  • 'Draft - [Modified]', example 'Draft - 2018-03-11'
  • 'Draft - [Modified By] or 'Draft - [Editor]', example 'Draft - Jay Goodison'
  • 'Draft - [Created]', example 'Draft - 2018-01-19'
  • 'Draft - [Created By] or 'Draft - [Author]', example 'Draft - James Sales'
  • 'Draft - [Title]', example 'Draft - Demonstration Document'
  • 'Draft - [Filename]', example 'Draft - Demo Document 1.docx'

A further example is shown below:


Which generates the following watermark:


Our engineering team are currently adding wider support for custom SharePoint metadata which will be available shortly. 

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