Adding Text Watermark Data

The 'PDF Converter for SharePoint Online' application was deprecated 1st January 2023 and will be decommissioned 1st October 2023.
Please migrate to Encodian Vertr prior to this date.

Text watermarks can be configured to include data placeholders which are dynamically replaced during watermark creation and assignment.

Example: 'Draft - [Now]' becomes 'Draft - 2018-03-31 15:43'

Both single document and merge conversion operations support the following data placeholders:

  • 'Draft - [Now]' becomes 'Draft - 2018-03-31 15:43'
  • 'Draft - [Today]' becomes 'Draft - 2018-03-31'

Single document conversion operations also support basic SharePoint metadata data placeholders:

  • 'Draft - [Modified]', example 'Draft - 2018-03-11'
  • 'Draft - [Modified By] or 'Draft - [Editor]', example 'Draft - Jay Goodison'
  • 'Draft - [Created]', example 'Draft - 2018-01-19'
  • 'Draft - [Created By] or 'Draft - [Author]', example 'Draft - James Sales'
  • 'Draft - [Title]', example 'Draft - Demonstration Document'
  • 'Draft - [Filename]', example 'Draft - Demo Document 1.docx'

A further example is shown below:


Which generates the following watermark:


Our engineering team are currently adding wider support for custom SharePoint metadata which will be available shortly. 

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