Deployment Locations - Azure Regions

Encodian's products are hosted upon Microsoft's Azure PaaS offering and are geographically dispersed to ensure we can provide super fast and consistent services for all of our global customers. 

Your data will be processed in your nearest Azure data center where Encodian maintain a presence. We currently operate from the US, Canada, Australia, Germany and UK data centers as standard and utilise Azure front door for request management and distribution.

Please note your requests could be processed in any data center. We are continually monitoring our cloud services and deploying to additional Azure regions on a demand-led basis. 

If you purchase an 'Enterprise' subscription you can specify any Azure geographic region where you wish for your data to be processed.

Encodian use solely Microsoft Azure 'PaaS' services, therefore your data will never leave a Microsoft data center, nor will it be processed by an un-managed virtual machine. Utilizing Microsoft Azure 'PaaS' services allows Encodian to make full use of all native Microsoft Azure security features.

If you have specific questions or regulatory compliance requirements which you would like to validate, please either submit a ticket or email

To ensure your data never leaves your infrastructure, you'll need a 'Dedicated' subscription; The dedicated subscription allows you to deploy the Encodian connector / API / Services into your own Azure subscription or data center, thus your data is processed within your own infrastructure ensuring data segregation and alleviating any data privacy / security concerns

, please email to find out more.

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