Disabling Advanced UI Features

The 'PDF Converter for SharePoint Online' application was deprecated 1st January 2023 and will be decommissioned 1st October 2023.
Please migrate to Encodian Vertr prior to this date.

A number of our customers have asked whether they could control showing or hiding the advanced configuration user interface features to simplify the application even further for certain user groups. Therefore we have recently added a new configuration switch to the configuration lists which will show/hide the options as needed.

The advanced user interface features are shown below:

Single Document Conversion Page - Advanced UI Enabled


Multiple Document Conversion Page - Advanced UI Enabled


Please review the Manage the PDF Converter Configuration List page for detailed instructions on how to access the configuration list. 

To disable these elements of the user interface, simply change the 'PDF Default - Enable Advanced UI Features' configuration option to 'False'.

Single Document Conversion Page - Advanced UI Disabled


Multiple Document Conversion Page - Advanced UI Disabled



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