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Prior to configuring Indxr to execute or analyse SharePoint content you will need to authenticate to SharePoint Online.

Indxr provides the following two authentication options

  1. App (Recommended)
  2. Username and Password (Standard Microsoft 365 Credentials)

Note: If you intend to automate Indxr executions then you must utilise option #1.

App Authentication

Using App authentication allows Indxr to request access to your tenant in order to run executions.  The first time you request App authentication you will be prompted to grant access to the App.

Granting access on behalf of the organisation will ensure that future users will not be required to make the same request.

Once authenticated, Indxr will display the current user on the screen with the option to "Change Account".

Please note the accounts used to grant App Permissions and the account used to carry out an execution do not need to be the same.  The account used to carry out the executions will require permissions on the SharePoint sites and libraries that require OCR.

Username and Password

Note: If you intend to automate Indxr executions then you cannot use this authentication option

When selecting the 'Username and Password' authentication mode, Indxr will authenticate via a browser session using the supplied credentials. Periodically the application will re-authenticate automatically to assure the session is active.

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