Automate Indxr Executions

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Indxr in both Analysis and OCR mode can be configured for automated execution via the Windows Task Scheduler.

1. Create a configuration via the UI and use the 'Save Configuration' option to produce an .indxr file.  Once saved copy the 'Command Line Argument for automation' to the clipboard for later use.

2. Open 'Task Scheduler' from the Start menu on either the desktop or server machine where you wish to execute the automate from.

3. Click 'Create Basic Task' on the righthand panel.

4. Provide a Name and Description. Click 'Next'

5. Specify how often you wish the automation to be executed. Click 'Next'

6. Specify the Time and Recurrence of the automation. Click 'Next'

7. Select the action of "Start a program".  Click 'Next'

8.  Browse for and set the Indxr.exe application as the 'Program/script for execution'.  If the defaults were used during the application installation, Indxr will be located in the following directory: 'C:\Program Files\Encodian\Indxr\Indxr.exe'.

8.b. Specify the command line argument copied in step #1 in the "Add arguments (optional)" field.  Click 'Next'

9. Review the summary and if you are happy with the configuration click 'Finish'

Indxr is now configured to execute on the desired schedule.  Multiple tasks can be created for different Indxr configurations.

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