Merge multiple files to PDF format

We hope that you'll find Encodian Vertr's user interface intuitive and self-explanatory to use. This article and accompanying video provide a comprehensive guide for merging multiple selected files to a single PDF document using Encodian Vertr.

Step by Step Video Guide

Step by Step Guide

1. Navigate to a SharePoint site and selected document library where the Encodian Vertr app has been installed

2. Launch the Vertr application by following these three steps:

2.a. Step 1: Select the files you wish to merge to a single PDF document

2.b. Step 2: Launch the file context menu

2.c. Step 3: Select 'Convert'

3. Select the 'Merge Files to PDF' option

4. If required; select a different SharePoint document library to add the converted file to using the 'Destination Library' option:

5. If required; set a new filename by updating the 'Merged PDF Filename' text field:

6. As required; select the required 'Options':

  • Overwrite File: Where a file exists with the same name as the merged file, this option sets whether the file should be overwritten or a new filename automatically generated.
  • Remove Markup (PDF Only): When selected and upon conversion, all tracked changes are accepted and comments removed to create the PDF document. The source document is not updated and tracked changes / comments will remain unaltered.
  • PDF/A Compliant (PDF Only): When selected, the PDF document generated will align to the PDF/A compliance version configured by the administrator.

7. If required; Add and configure a document watermark

8. If required; Secure the document with a password

9. Click 'Convert' to process the request.

10. The request will commence processing

11. The request result will be provided, upon a successful conversion a link to the file will be provided

12. The merged file will be present within the relevant SharePoint document library

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